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I find it funny that most of the people that want to ban guns in America are in full support of the Arab spring and the movement to liberate Palestine as well as the liberation of any oppressed people around the world.

I wholeheartedly support these freedom movements as well but I have a question for the gun-ban advocates in my country, how do you think these people were freed in the Middle East? Do you think they just asked for liberty and their decades-long dictators agreed on the grounds that they had ruled, killed and stolen for long enough? Or do you think the people took up arms and fought for their freedom?

So tell me then how you think people who are rendered weaponless and therefore defenseless would defeat a government who’s armed to the teeth and is willing to continue to kill in order to defend their unjust position of power.

And tell me why you believe that an oppressive government will never exist in America when only a few hundred years ago we fought a revolution against such a government on this very soil.

- More thoughts on Gun Control (via sugashane)

Weeellllll let’s be honest here, the situation in the Middle East is hardly comarable to America (I assume, although if I’m wrong then I appologise). America, like most western democracies (and indeed other non-western democracies) has inbuilt systems for implementing change peacably. Those forms of government were EXPRESSLY DESIGNED SO THAT YOU WOULD NOT NEED A GUN TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE GOVERNMENT, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SAYING THAT YOU OWN A GUN SOLEY FOR “LIBERATING” THE COUNTRY IN THE EVENT OF OPPRESSION?

*Deep breaths…*

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